The Brew Kettle

Since 1992 we have been helping the Richmond Hill, Thornhill and York Region do-it-yourself Beer Lovers and Wine Enthusiasts to have fun and reduce costs in our spacious, fully equipped facility for on-premise wine and beer making.

Are you tired of constantly running off to the wine and beer store, or getting caught short when unexpected guests arrive? With a cellar stocked with your own beverages, this won’t happen. Join your friends and neighbours who are taking advantage of this cost saving method of making and enjoying the many different styles of wines, beers, wine coolers and ciders. Get a group together and everyone can sample the various taste distinctions by sharing one or more batches.

We feature wines in the most popular varieties from high quality kits and pure juices along with all natural lagers and ales in a wide choice of styles.

  • You earn the bragging rights to state “Actually, I made it Myself”
  • Easier and less time consuming than you probably imagined
  • The results and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed
  • Meet new people and compare brewing recipes
  • A fun social activity with spouse or friends
  • Experience international tastes at a cost saving
  • Professional assistance from our knowledgable staff