Join the Can Club

Join the Can Club

Can your entire batch of beer, or simply can a few, the choice is yours. Join the Can Club and enjoy the benefits of trying various styles of beer in smaller quantities. Every month we promote 1, 2, or a few beers, where Can Club members have the opportunity to can in minimum quantities of…


Wine and Beer Specials for May 2017

Red Wines Merlot 4 wk red wine $112 (reg price $122) Syrah 6 wk red wine $146 (reg price $156) White Wines Viognier 4 wk white wine $112 (reg price $122) Sauvignon Blanc 6 wk white wine $146 (reg price $156) Beer 23 litres Cream Ale $71 (reg price $76) 48 litres Light Lager $110…