Beer Styles


Blonde Lager (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:11
A yellow coloured, crisp beer with a genuine lager yeast. This is a true all-malt lager brewed with no adjuncts.

Continental Pilsner (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:18
A balanced, well rounded, golden European-style lager with a noticeable hop profile and all-malt character.

Dark Lager (46L) – IBUs:14
The Dark Lager (Dunkel) has the typical roundness and crisp characteristics of a lager, combined with the dry notes of the dark roasted malts and slight sweetness to the brew.

Domestic Lager (23L) or (48L) – IBUs:18
The Domestic Lager is an easy drinking, crisp premium lager with true Canadian taste that delivers the perfect balance of sweetness with a slightly hoppy bitterness and medium body for a smooth, refreshing finish.

Dortmunder (46L) – IBUs:18
A pale gold colour with moderate bitterness, providing the true characteristics of a Dortmunder style lager.

Dry Beer (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:9
A premium version of North American style Low Carbohydrate Light Lager. All malt, no adjuncts. Very light straw colour and light-bodied. Dry finish. Low hop bitterness, no hop flavour and aroma. Lowered carbohydrate and caloric value.

European Lager (23L) or (48L) – IBUs:22
This Munich style “Helles” is a true “Session Beer”, meaning a beer you can adequately quaff and that tends to stick with you for the rest of the evening. Golden coloured, with a slightly apparent malty honey-like sweetness and medium body. Crisp bitterness, refreshing and highly drinkable.

Light Lager (23L) or (48L) – IBUs:12
What few beer drinkers know, is that quality light beer is incredibly difficult to brew. The slightest irregularity is glaring to the taste buds since there’s little to mask any defects. “Light beer is a brewer’s beer.” Mastering the delicate flavours and aromas of this thirst-quencher requires a remarkable level of brewing skill and precision.

Mexican Lager (46L) – IBUs:10
As with most Cervezas, our Mexican lager is light in colour and crisp and refreshing with a pleasant malt and hop balance.

Munich Lager (46L) – IBUs:17
This is a Helles (light coloured) style Munich lager. Although light in colour, full bodied with slight bitterness at the start and a lingering, mild bitterness at the finish.

Old Country Lager (23L) or (48L) – IBUs:22
Richly malty and long on the palate. The caramel flavour of this copper coloured beer is in equilibrium with a range of floral, citrus and herbal hop notes and capped by a clean bitterness. This balance of flavours makes the Old Country Lager quite versatile as a food pairing option, not to mention being a rather tasty brew on its own.

Premium Lager (46L) – IBUs:12
A nice ‘Party Pleaser’ with good colour and a well balanced hop bitterness and aroma.

Wheat Beer (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:9
A clean North American style wheat beer. Light straw colour and low hop bitterness. Refreshing and thirst quenching. Spiced on request.


Brown Ale (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:15
A traditional, medium-bodied English style Brown Ale. Pleasantly roasted, mid-bodied malt profile with low hop flavour and aroma and moderate hop bitterness.

Cream Ale (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:13
A medium-bodied, slightly fruity, North American ale style. Deep golden colour with a delicate hop aroma and flavour. A smooth and easy drinking beer style.

Double Oatmeal Stout (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:28
An opaque, full-bodied ebony ale. Moderate to high hop bitterness combines well with a pleasant roast malt character, subtle malt sweetness and slight hop flavour. The addition of two types of oats leads to a creamy, robust mouth-feel and full texture.

India Pale Ale (23L) or (48L) – IBUs:45
Robust, malty, alcoholic and a hop profile that might catch you off guard. This beer is deep-coppery in colour, with an off-white head. Generous late Cascade/Citra/Chinook-hop additions add citrus, pine and tropical fruit character which complements the sturdy malt backbone. Very aromatic and fragrant – irresistible to your taste-buds!

India Pale Ale (West Coast) (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:42
A strong, North American-style India Pale Ale with a pronounced malt character and abundant hop flavours and aromas. Deep gold in colour, this craft brewed classic will please even the most discerning ale aficionado.

Pale Ale (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:25
A deep golden coloured hoppy, fruity English style pale ale. Presents pleasant flavours and aromas of fresh finishing hops, which balance well with a bready malt profile and moderate body.

Red Ale (23L) or (46L) – IBUs:13
Irish style Red Ale. Attractive red-amber colour. Moderate malt body and pleasant mild sweetness. Moderate hop bitterness, mild hop flavour and low hop aroma. A step towards darker beers, without the roasted components.

Seasonal Beers

  • Belgian Wheat
  • Cream Ale
  • Special Dark Spring Czech Pilsner
  • Mai Bock
  • Vienna Lager
  • Irish Oatmeal Stout
  • Old Bavarian Lager



  • Dry Cider
  • Off-Dry Cider
  • Sweet Cider


Processing Times

Beers (23 Litres) 3 weeks
Beers (46 & 48 Litres) 3 weeks
Cider (23 Litres) 4 weeks

Home Brewing

Full Mash Boxed Wort


  • Blonde Lager
  • Continental Pilsner
  • Dry
  • Wheat



  • Brown Ale
  • Cream Ale
  • Double Oatmeal Stout
  • Pale Ale
  • Red Ale
  • West Coast IPA