As an alternative to bottles or kegs, you have the option to can your favourite beer, cider or sparkling wine.

Convenient and Trendy, Printed and Labelled, 473ml disposable cans are available.

Just Look What You Can Gain from Canning Your Brew…

We’re always looking for opportunities to make your experience of brewing better and as a result we like to listen to your suggestions. One popular request was to bring in the chance to can your brew, so we have recently made this possible by working in partnership with Lake Wilcox Canning. You are now able to can your own beer, cider and even sparkling wine. You already gain a lot from making your own brew, including just paying basic tax on your beer and wine, but the benefits for everyone grow when you have access to canning as well as bottling or kegging. Most importantly you can enjoy your brew all the more and we’ll tell you why shortly. There are also environmental benefits from using aluminum cans rather than glass bottles. And finally, it is a business advantage to expand the services we offer, giving us yet another way to protect our company and its interests.

Consumer benefits of canning

Firstly, the 473ml cans you receive will certainly look the part, as whether you choose to can your beer, cider or sparkling wine they are professionally labelled. You’ll be proud to bring these cans out at a social gathering or give them to your friends and family as a gift, obviously not forgetting to tell them you brewed the contents yourself.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that your beer has a longer shelf-life when canned, though as we don’t use artificial preservatives their contents is still best consumed within three months of canning. The longer shelf-life of canning is thanks to the fact that this keeps the light away from the beer, which is an issue with colourless or green bottles that allow UV light to come into contact with the alcohol inside.

You may have had experience yourself of off-flavour beer, which is usually occurs when components of UV light interact with some of the substances from the hops. This problem can largely be solved by bottling beer in brown glass, though that perhaps isn’t as pleasing on the eye, and you still have the issue of the interaction with light once you pour it out of the bottle. Canning your beer is a simple solution, and if you enjoy your brew straight out the can, the factor of light is never an issue.

As any beer, cider or white wine drinker knows, there’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting to put a bottle of your favourite tipple in the fridge to chill. This is less of a problem when you opt for canned beer, cider or wine though, as aluminum cools quicker than glass does. Commercial producers have certainly found that when they made their beer available in aluminum bottles, their drinks were particularly popular, which is largely down to their faster cooling time.

Canning is better for the environment
Contributed by Jennifer Solomon

Lake Wilcox Canning is keen to advocate the environmental benefits of switching to canning your alcohol. This is down to the recyclability of aluminum, as it is fast, easy and inexpensive to recycle, and aluminum cans contain more than 40% recycled materials. As aluminum is the most plentiful metal on the planet, you might think that this is less of an issue, but preserving raw materials isn’t the only reason to recycle. For example, the production of new aluminum generates nitrogen and sulphur oxides, which contribute to smog and acid rain.

To produce new aluminium the refining process of other raw materials also produces a toxic sludge, which can contaminate water supplies if it isn’t disposed of correctly. Recycling aluminum is additionally far more energy efficient, using as little as 5% of the energy needed to produce aluminum in the first place. This helps to cut emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which is implicated in global warming. As we’re all encouraged to cut our carbon footprint, choosing aluminum cans and recycling them is a positive step towards achieving this, and as there is no limit to the number of times aluminum can be recycled, this makes the metal a very sustainable material.

If you’re looking for new ways to do your bit for the environment and benefit from a better brew in the process, why not choose to can your next batch of brew?