Making Wine


Wine Making Richmond Hill Brew KettleMaking your own wine is easy at the Brew Kettle’s automated wine workshop. With our complete selection of popular wine styles, knowledgeable and experienced staff, and fully equipped facility, you are just weeks away from enjoying your first glass.

If you are new to winemaking, a good place to start is our Guide To Winemaking.


Your first step in the wine making process is to choose which wine to make, and we will be pleased to advise you. Starting your batch takes just 5 minutes, as you prepare the juice and start the fermentation. Over the next 4 to 8 weeks we carefully monitor your wine, and we stabilize and filter it just before you return for bottling.

On your second visit you will find that our bottle washing machine, automatic bottle fillers, and power corkers make the job quick and professional. It’s almost too easy, some customers tell us! With labels and shrink caps, your bottles will look as impressive as the contents will taste. Cheers!

The Basics: Kits & Prices

Wine kits contain concentrated grape juice, or pure grape juice, or a blend of the two. Generally, wine making kits based on concentrated juice make a lighter flavoured, softer wine that can be consumed soon after bottling. Plan to consume these wines within 18 months.

Kits with a high proportion of pure juice will take longer to make, will benefit from some bottle aging, and will make a wine that is richer and more flavourful. These wines will last 2 or 3 years, depending on the specific kit and wine storage.

All of our wine making kits, except as noted, make 23 litres of finished wine, or about 30 (750 ml) bottles. There are many varieties to choose from and the prices range from $122 for our 4 week wine kits, $156 to $190 for our 6 week wine kits, and $189 to $207 for our 8 week red wine kits.

Prices quoted for on premise winemaking include the kit, the service that we provide, your use of the bottling facility, standard corks, shrink caps, and all taxes. The only extra charges are for custom labels, bottles, and premium corks.

Limited Availability Wines

In the first few months of each year, our suppliers offer some very special products in limited availability releases. Using their best juices and all of their blending skills, the oenologists proudly present these wine making kits as the best the industry has to offer.

To keep up to date with the current limited releases and monthly specials, view our Monthly Specials page or simply call us at 905.770.1485 or send us an email.

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Wine in a Box

As an alternative to the traditional bottles, we also offer ‘Wine in a Box’, which allows you to put your wine into 5 Litre bags, and a 5 Litre box.

This has become very popular, as more and more customers are filling their entire batch of wine into 5 bags, or simply filling 2 or 3 bags and then bottling the remainder.

  • Easy to handle, light and compact
  • Time saving, with no need to clean bottles
  • Time Saving (1 bag takes 1 1/2 minutes to fill)
  • Saves space

The majority of these wines are available in various levels of quality and price, with a selection of origin.

Our Wine Selection & Prices

Please note that this selection may vary from time to time, based on availability and seasonal changes.

Sparkling Wines

For an additional $12, we can carbonate any of the above wines, producing light and refreshing sparkling wines.

Prices Include

 23 Litres of wine (11.5 L for Specialty wines), corks, shrink caps and labels

Bottles are not included in the price. You are welcome to bring in your own bottles, or purchase them from us.